Scats Card Course - CCNSG Health and Safety Passport Training


Q. What is the difference between a CSCS Card and the Safety Passport?

A: The Safety Passport is a two day training course with a test at the end. The CSCS H&S test is a touch screen test based on prior knowledge.

Q. I have a CSCS card, why do I need a Safety Passport?

A: The CSCS Card is for the Construction Industry and the CCNSG Safety Passport is for the Engineering Construction Industry. The Clients on each site specify what the requirements are to work on their sites.

Q. Why do I need to do the two day course again if my card has expired after the 3 month grace period?

A: The CCNSG Safety Passport expires after three years from the date of the National or Renewal course. You may come back for a one day Renewal course up to three months after the Safety Passport card has expired. Once the three months have lapsed, you will be required to sit the two day National course again.

Q. Why are there no reciprocal agreements with other country’s safety schemes?

A: At present there are no affiliations with other card schemes. The main reason being the CCNSG Safety Passport is based on two days of training, other schemes are based on knowledge. There is work under way for an affiliation with the ACE card scheme which is based on VQs.

Q. Can I obtain a grant for the course?

A: ECITB do not offer grants for the CCNSG Safety Passport. Your employer or local job centre may be able to assist you with costs.

Q. Can the ECITB run the course in-house?

A: The CCNSG courses (National, Renewal & Supervisor) can only be run by Approved CCNSG training providers and authorised tutors. Details of Approved CCNSG Training providers can be found on the CCNSG or ECITB website.

Q. What other languages are the CCNSG Courses available in?

A: The CCNSG National course is currently available in Polish through three training providers. Barry Training Services Ltd in South Wales, Management Services Ltd in Stockton-on-Tees and SECAS Training Association Ltd in Sheffield.

Q. Do you have national coverage?

A: Yes, broadly speaking we do. There are many providers throughout the UK though coverage is not so good in parts of Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Q. Is our service truly hassle free?

A: Yes, click here to see our service described.

Q. What information do I need to provide?

A: When you attend the course, the training provider will need your date of birth and National Insurance number. They will also take your photograph so they can issue you with your new card.

Q. What are you office hours?

A: Your registration will be acted upon as soon as possible during normal office hours of Monday to Friday 9am to 4.30pm

Q. What if I do not have an email address?

A: Your training provider will email or telephone you to acknowledge your registration and confirm your requirements, and will likely then post out your receipted invoice and the course joining instructions.

Q. What if I do not have a credit or debit card?

A: Depending on your training provider's payment facilities, your course booking may not be confirmed until cleared funds have been received, either by a cleared cheque, internet transfer or cash deposited in our account at a bank or post office.

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